Why Kairos?

Kairos of Texas operates as a State Chapter and serves in prisons and jails through a contractual agreement with the Warden and Chaplain of each unit. At present, we are in 47 units (prisons & jails) across the State of Texas (we are opening more units from time to time). We are blessed to minister to family members with the 10 Kairos Outside Ministries.

We form teams of Christians who become Texas Department of Criminal Justice Certified Volunteers to serve at TDCJ Units. When we serve we become guests of the Units and are given many privileges because we have such a positive impact on the inmates. We accept forty-two inmates per weekend, and put on two weekends per year, in each unit. The selection at each Unit of the residents who are to attend our weekends is made by the Warden and the Chaplain, with input from the Security.

Kairos encourages the selection of leader inmates, both positive and negative. Many times the forty-two participants will include those who are seemingly unlovable. Once God changes the hearts of the residents, we have found that they have a great influence in the environments of their Unit.

It is our privilege to have the opportunity to introduce them to Jesus and then show them the love he has shown us. With "God's Special Time" they have the opportunity to know the Kingdom of God.

  October 2020  
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