Facebook Fundraiser

How to create a Facebook Fundraiser

1. Go to the FB page: Kairos Prison Ministry  (Click on the link to go there) 

2. Click “Fundraisers” on the left 

3. Click the button “+Raise Money” 

4. Name the Fundraiser (Kairos + Your State + Your Advisory Council name) 

(This step is very important to make sure funds are forwarded to your advisory council!!) 

Your State and Advisory Council name must be in the 

Name of the Fundraiser, 

For us to distribute the funds to your council! 




 How Funds are Disbursed: 

1. Reports from Facebook are available after the close of mid-month and end of the month. 

2. Funds are disbursed from Facebook semi-monthly about 7-10 days after the period close. 

3. The International Office will keep a running total for each fundraiser noting the designation. 

4. At the close of the month, and after Facebook Funds have been received at the Intl Office, checks will be issued to the State Treasurer (Advisory Council Treasurer for CA & TX). Model 1 states will receive a breakout of donations by Advisory Council.

a. At the State level, the Contributions Income “Individuals/Friends of Kairos” should be selected in QuickBooks and KairosDonor. The donors receive tax receipts from Facebook. 

b. The reporting is generic, and does not share donor addresses, emails, or phone numbers. Therefore, detailed information is not shared